Q. What's a Digital Collage Sheet?

A. Cloud 9 Kreations digital collage sheets measure 8"x11", and contain several related images. They may be related by theme, color or size.

Q. How do I get my purchased collage sheets?

A. Once you pay for your collage sheets, you will be able to instantly download them to your computer. Remember where you are downloading them for easy access later. It's a good idea to make a specific digital folder for the sheets. Many people put the folder on their desktop.

Q. How do I print the images?

A. You can use YOUR printer or download the collage sheet to a flash drive and take it to your local print shop (ie: Kinkos, Target, etc.). You should be able to print them there. 

Q. What format and size are the collage sheets and images?

A. The individual images are 300 dpi (dots per inch) and are in jpeg format. Some may also be available in png format if stated. The collage sheets measure 8.5"x11". The individual images differ in size.

Q. What if there is more than one sheet?

A. In that case, your download will be a zipped file (It looks like a zipper). You will have to unzip it after downloading to your computer. Once unzipped all the collage sheets will be there and available. (To unzip - Highlight the zipped file, right click your mouse and click on extract all).

Q. What about copyright?

A. Most of my images are pre-1920 and out of copyright or public domain. If you are concerned, then please don't purchase the item or do your own research. 

Q. Will you create custom collage sheets?

A. I will if it's possible. Custom prices are always more than those shown on the website. I will quote you a price when we discuss what you want. Contact me at: Rebelsher1@aol.com

*Do not ask me to create a collage sheet with modern images. I won't do that. You may see them other places, but modern images are copyrighted.

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

       A. I accept Paypal ONLY!

          Paypal accepts credit cards, debit cards, and withdrawal from your bank funds. You do not              have to join to use Paypal.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. The Collage Sheets are digital, so your purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE! Please ask questions before you purchase.

Q. Why was I dropped from the Angel Loyalty Program?

      A. Sorry, but If you haven't made a purchase from Cloud 9 Kreations for six months, you WILL        be dropped from the program. The program is based on Loyalty.

 Q. What if I don't receive my collage sheet in instant download?

      A. First, make sure your payment went through by checking your PayPal. Next, check your              spam file. Then, if you haven't received your download within 1 hour, please contact me at:            Rebelsher1@aol.com I will usually respond within 24 hours. Please tell me what you ordered.