Flights of Fancy . . . Balloons . . . 1"x2" Digital Collage Sheet

Flights of Fancy . . . Balloons . . . 1"x2" Digital Collage Sheet

Cloud 9 Kreations

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#CS15 Flights of Fancy...Balloons...1x2 Inch Digital Collage Sheet

Imagine floating on wisps of air, high above the ground, the earth falling away beneath you. Wouldn't it be fun to sneak away from all your daily stress and take a ride in a vintage hot air balloon? Forget all your cares and slip back in time. Now you can do just that. Enjoy the thrill of days gone by, experience the security and comfort of the small basket beneath your feet, and feel the wind as it teases your hair.

Even if you've never been in a hot air balloon, you can enjoy the beauty of these wonderful machines with this special collage sheet. Use them for jewelry, scrapbooks, journals.Uses are limited only by your imagination.


*Purchase of this Collage Sheet entitles the buyer to use the images for crafts and artwork for resale as well as personal use. Purchase of this Collage Sheet DOES NOT entitle the buyer to reproduce the images (either digitally, cd's or in print) for resale or redistribution to others in original form as a collage or collages.*


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